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Grow a strong, resilient brand designed to withstand turbulent storms and make your tribe feel at home.

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Tom Gardener - Playbook Consultants
all about listening

the art of nuanced conversations

I collect stories. I get people to explain their magic to me, repeat back the important bits for clarification and float your value to the surface.

Perfection doesn’t interest me. I’m constantly drawn to outsiders, anomalies and pattern-breakers who are interested in doing the work for a brand upgrade that will energize your business for the next 4 years.

Let’s focus on your positives, put a few points on the board and start stringing some wins together.

ready for your ted talk?

simplify your pitch

The most common problem people have with their brands is that they’re too smart for their own good. Stop giving black belt lessons to white belt students.

Take me on a journey

how does your magic work?

my ideal clients

clarity leads to confidence

“I don’t get it” is not rejection

Brandon Boyd - Amnesty International

Tom’s expertise shines most clearly in his approach to conversations.

“He will walk you through dreaming, planning, and achieving your vision for the message you are trying to get across.”

Brandon Boyd, Fieldworker, Amnesty International Canada
brand legitimacy

reclaim your peace of mind

financial security

Get out of trouble by pivoting to simple brand plays focused on steady, reliable income.

stabilized leadership

Use your brand to highlight your strengths and start bring out your team’s potential.


Prepare yourself to earn big success with ‘title shot’ recognition in your industry.

have more fun

Take pressure off yourself and start sharing your love with other people.

what stage are you on?

Tailor your brand strategy for the career cycle you’re in now.


Fundamentals. Let’s get you started on something clean and simple before you start launching your personal empire.


You’re hungry. You’re a workhorse. You put your time in. You’re ready for a title shot. All you need is that breakthrough.


You’re at the top of your game and you’ve got no one left to push you. Want some help with those blindspots? (3 months max)

Jennie Hudspeth - REI Sales Tools

Jennie ‘the Hammer’ Hudspeth

Owner & Chief Confidence Coach, Rei Sales Tools

“incredibly helpful and a joy to work with”

From the moment we started collaborating, I was impressed by his insightful approach and genuine nature, which truly energized our entire team.

His ability to understand our brand’s vision and translate it into captivating marketing strategies was truly impressive. What sets Tom apart is not just his skillset, but also his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our success. 

He was always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer valuable suggestions. His dedication to our project was evident in every interaction we had, and his commitment to delivering exceptional results was truly inspiring. Working with Tom was not only productive but also enjoyable. 

He fostered a collaborative environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing ideas and exploring new possibilities. I cannot recommend Tom Gardener highly enough.

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