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Upgrade your brand, connect it to value and tell people how to give you money.

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What’s your dream?

“I can see it in my head”

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to explain your vision to people and watching them just not get it.

Learn how communicate your business in clear, vivid terms to increase your confidence so you can make more money.

$2,500 / month for 3 months of support

brand refresh & Keynote presentation package

Get a total brand refresh, a compelling personalized speech and a polished keynote presentation that highlight your true value.

Month 1 – focus

– Assessment of Brand
– Story Brand Brainstorm Session
– Creation of Upgraded Brand Identity

Month 2 – prepare

– Review of Marketing Strategy
– Prioritization of Marketing/Sales
– Amplification of Brand
– Review & Distillation of Copy/Messaging

Month 3 – launch

– Keynote Speech (20 mins max)
– Presentation Template
– 2 Page Lead Magnet

“took quality time to understand who I was and where I wanted to go”

Working with Tom helped me tremendously in 2 ways that I didn’t even anticipate, getting specific on what I offer my clients and figuring out how to serve them as easily as possible.

Russell Sams, actor & owner of the Actor’s Way In
Russell Sams - The Actor's Way In
Due for an oil change?

4 year rebrand cycles

a value obsessed professional

He possesses a rare combination of creativity and laser sharp communications. He excels at transforming complex ideas into clear and powerful messaging. He’s also a wonderful human being who cares deeply for his family, friends and community. I highly recommend Tom Gardener. 

John Churchill, Owner, 3flow Communications

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At your service

how can we help?

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